Fighting For Our Dignity & Prosperity


"I’ve marched on the picket lines, gone door-to-door to turn out the vote, and collected the signatures to get vital questions on the ballot because it is the right thing to do to improve lives across the Commonwealth. I don’t shy away from taking progressive stances--even when it isn’t easy, even when it isn't quick to turn statements into reality. This is the only way we’ll move forward, together. This is the approach I will bring to Beacon Hill because this is the type of representation our communities deserve. Please help us ensure that we have a State Rep on Beacon Hill fighting for our district’s fair share of prosperity."

- David LeBoeuf



What We Champion


Labor Rights

Supporting the dignity of workers including increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour, standing for paid medical leave, implementing safe patient limits for nurses, and defending wage theft laws.


Our Fair Share: REgional Equity

Reviewing the local aid formula so that Leicester and Worcester receive their fair share.

Small Business

Economic development policies that support small businesses before big corporations.


Opioid Epidemic

Dealing with the opioid epidemic as a public health crisis and making sure health insurance covers necessary treatment.



Public School Funding

Fully-funded public schools and a change to the State’s Chapter 70 Formula.


Early Childhood Education

Universal Pre-K so that families aren’t spending over a third of their income on childcare.


Fighting for quality affordable health care that is accessible to all residents.


Senior Dignity: Keep Our Seniors in Their Homes

Opportunities to keep seniors and working families in their homes. No one should have to choose between economic security and living in a community they love.



Encouraging advanced manufacturing and Greentech to bring living wage jobs to the region.


Transportation & Traffic

Supporting regional transportation and smart solutions to
traffic congestion.

Political Integrity

Getting corporate money out of politics and strengthening campaign finance laws.



Public Safety

Advocating for commonsense public safety approaches that make our streets and parks safe.


We need a representative who will get up everyday and fight for our fair share of prosperity.
— David LeBoeuf