Standing Up For Our Communities

"This campaign is about standing up for the dignity and respect of all in our communities. I am looking forward to going to the State House to champion efforts to support our public school students because I know that we have a wealth of talent in this district that is overlooked. I am excited to continue fighting to keep seniors and working families in their homes because people deserve both economic security and the ability to live in a community they love. Our region's success depends on entrepreneurship and I am ready to use my experience to support continued small business growth. Everyone, regardless of zip code, deserves the opportunity for a better life."

- David LeBoeuf

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A Proven Progressive


David has championed efforts in our communities to support our public school students, keep seniors and working families in their homes, and cultivate entrepreneurship. He’ll be a State Rep we can trust to stand up for what matters to improve the lives of all the residents in our district. We need your help to make this a reality.


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