Minimum Wage


Yesterday I stood with our brothers and sisters in organized labor for the Working People’s Day of Action. My grandfather was a union steward with Teamsters Local 170 and was a leader in the organizing movement at Consolidated Beverages. My mother was a member of the MNA before her retirement. The reason why my grandfather was able to retire in dignity and why my family has had opportunities to succeed is because of the fruits of the labor movement. 

As your State Rep I will put the needs of working people at the forefront. I’m proud to support a $15 minimum wage, paid family leave, safe nursing staffing limits at hospitals, and legislation that protects workers from having their wages stolen from them. I stood with our public defenders at the courthouse who have been denied the right to organize and will fight to make sure our workers have the right for their voices to be heard. 

We as a Commonwealth need to do everything we can to make sure all of our families are awarded dignity and respect. It’s more than being an ally, it’s about being an advocate that gets up everyday and makes sure all of our voices are amplified. I’m looking forward to heading to the State House to stand up for efforts that improve quality of life and rebuilds the middle class.

- David

Doris Le