Opioid Epidemic


The human and economic costs of the opioid epidemic in Massachusetts is catastrophic. Congratulations to City Manager Augustus for having the courage to take on an industry that values profits over the dignity of human life. 

In my past work in social services, I saw firsthand how addiction tore apart families. This lead me to get involved with community-based organizations committed to addressing the opioid epidemic as a public health crisis. We as a Commonwealth need to do better to make sure one more preventable death does not occur on our watch. 

Taking on the pharmaceutical industry is a good first step, but only part of the solution. We need to make sure Narcan is more readily available, that insurance companies properly cover costs related to detox and recovery, and more beds are made available. We also need to focus more on preventative care, both related to physical and mental health, so that these dangerous drugs are not pushed onto the public. 

Going door to door so many people have opened up to me about the human cost of this crisis. I made a promise not to forget their son or daughter when I go to the State House and I will keep that promise by taking actions necessary to address this epidemic.

- David

Doris Le